The Yacht Club opened in January 2003 and is Iowa City’s main source for live music set in an environment where you truly are part of the music. We have entertainment 6 nights a week with friendly servers plus we have tater tots! Trust us when we say this is not a financial endeavor – it really is about having a great time.

The Yacht Club is located in the entryway and basement of 13 S Linn St in a building built in 1917 in downtown Iowa City. The exterior of the building has remained basically unchanged since it was built and was restored in 2000. Our entryway has recently been remodeled in the hopes to improve upon your Yacht Club experience. Another great thing about our location is that there is free parking right across the street if you leave after midnight on weekdays and after 3am on weekends.

We are here for your fun – plain and simple. We are not some out of town corporation and we are not some small time bar owner trying to squeeze the life out of each penny. If at the end of the night we break even but the band was great and you had a ton of fun, then we consider that a win. This has been our mission since the day we first opened and we still consider this our goal in life to this day.

Venue Info

Open Daily
noon – 2:00am

On Tap

Great craft beers

In the Cooler

A pretty decent selection of excellent craft beers and domestics

Every Monday is Catacombs of Comedy. Sign up starts at 9:00pm

Every Tuesday is Free Underground Open Mic – $3 cocktails

Every Wednesday is Free Jam Session + Mug Night




Pete McCarthy

Pete (Party) McCarthy, the concierge of Iowa City, will be managing your festivities. Pete was a rock star at the age of 7, played in a band of 18 year olds when he was 13, and was a staple in the Iowa City rock scene in the 90’s with Brutus and the Magical 7. Unfortunately, he has given up his life of limousines and women, but fortunately he will take great care of you at the Yacht Club. Porn name: Percy Springfield


Only really cool people can go by one name. Madonna, Michael, Jesus, John Wayne Gacy, Twiggy, Tunis, etc. We are not even sure if that is his first name, last name, or stage name, but this guy is cool. He takes better care of the bands than any person on the planet and treats us pretty darn good too. Porn name: Buster Van Buren

Forrest Heusinkveld

Forrest is your typical Mennonite. When he’s not on his Mormon mission, he is serving great drinks and entertaining you Tom Cruise/Scientology style. He is going on his Rumspringa this fall so wish him well.

Tommy Ronan

Tommy is one of the best sound engineers around so if you see him behind the board and you’re onstage, you are in great hands.  He records everything so if there is a show out there from the past that you would like to hear, he more than likely can get his hands on it.

Simon Willard

Simon is a rich man’s McQuiver.  He can fix anything even if it doesn’t need to be fixed.  He can also do just about anything and he keeps busy taking great care of this place.

Emily Rod

She’s as cool as the other side of the pillow – Emily is a great bartender and one bad ass bass player. We are hoping she hooks up with a band soon so we can get her back on stage, where, somehow, she becomes even cooler.

Rich Haake

Rich is our latest example of if you hang out here enough, you will eventually get hired. When not at music festivals, Rich will take great care of you, unless the band is really good, then he will be by the stage.

Kylie Havel

Kylie is just plain awesome. Once Cheba Hut went out of business for making some poor advertising decisions and also spending all of their $ on stickers, she needed a place to work. And with our new grilled cheese menu, we needed someone with cooking experience. Voila!

Dakota Gabriel

Dakota really just grows on you. We first met him when he was running a house of ill repute but he has mended his ways and is now on the somewhat straight and narrow. Plus he hasn’t no called no showed here yet so we still love him.

Colton Menke

Colton is a true rock star. He plays some amazing guitar with Fire Sale and then slings grilled cheese on the other side of the bar. He’s almost too nice to work here but he has a cool mom so we let him stay.

Megan Costello

Don’t know much about Megan yet but she seems pretty hip. More updates to come as we more fully vet her. So far we know that she moved to Miami when she was 19 to be an irresponsible party girl – and succeeded.

Richard H Layton

Yacht Club Emeritus; Richie has been one of our most fun additions ever. Much like Tom Waits and Godzilla, he’s is big in Japan and weighs in at 140 lbs if dripping wet and carrying a 20 lb weight. Also known as Rich Rok, he is a flat out rock star and can spin the tunes like no other. We can’t wait for him to get his drivers license so he can drive us around. Porn name: Bob Alpine

Sunshine Devries

Yacht Club Emeritus; Thank goodness, her name is really Jennifer, otherwise she would be hands down the coolest girl on the planet. She has super cool tatoos, loves to mop, and can make a great pizza. See! Told ya so.

Matt Skinner

Yacht Club Emeritus; Matt is your typical long haired, bearded, music lovin’ conservative Republican. He really helps this place run smoothly and has gone from a complete novice on the soundboard to one of the best that we have. Plus check out his dirt stompin soul band Tallgrass.

Ashley Hutchings

Yacht Club Emeritus; What a wonderful addition Ashley H is.  Actually she’s a little too sweet for us so we have to tone down our sailor talk when she’s around.  She has only been fired 14 times but never leaves so we’re stuck with her for a while.

Jeff Norvell

Yacht Club Emeritus: DJ Heady, errr, I mean DJ Lay-Z, when not throwing down the dubstep whomp, takes care of this place and gets it ready for your entertainment in the evening. Thank god most of his friends are 21 now so everything that we do is completely legitimate. Plus he is living upstairs so he really must love this place.

Camille Petitt

Yacht Club Emeritus: Cami has put up with our crap longer than anyone and we love her for it. Due to contractual reasons, we are not allowed to print her porn name.

Sarah Cretzmeyer

Yacht Club Emeritus: We first got to know Sarah as the sister of famed Jensen Connection/Gglitch keyboardist Brian Cretzmeyer. Well, actually, we first noticed that this very attractive young lady liked the Jensen Connection as much as we did – and if you come down here enough, eventually we make you work here. Must make sure not to let her get near a microphone.

Robert James Herman

Yacht Club Emeritus; Robbie is a master tent pitcher (inside or out) and the best goddamn helper monkey in the business. Porn name: Mr. Bailey Baker

Jillian Miller

Yacht Club Emeritus; We’re not quite sure how this super fun bartender ended up here. She works at the Sports Column during the day takes care of you here at night. Seriously, she’s a great girl – especially when you need to do body shots.

Ben Franklin

Yacht Club Emeritus: C-Note is another excellent addition that we hired simply because he was always here anyway. The first amongst the many wookie gingers we have hired, Ben is a hard worker and an even better drummer. When not making huge tips at Dance Party USA, check out Ben playing the skins for Public Property. Porn name: Tiger Mt. Vernon

Joelle Coons

Yacht Club Emeritus: Joelle has been on of our favorite recent additions because it’s like she’s been here forever. Great bartender, likes live music, drinks lots of whiskey etc, etc. And even though she weighs about 88lbs, we’re pretty sure she could beat up all of us.

Kylie Horras

Yacht Club Emeritus: Kylie is the first person we have hired that officially makes us feel old. For all you other bars out there, she is only 20 but acts like a mature 16. And even though she hasn’t worked here very long, she’s been fired multiple times – mostly for violating our very obvious kitchen rules. She too likes long walks one the beach, dance parties, and cheese balls.

Molly Ehm

Yacht Clubus Emeritus: M is awesome. She’s witty, charming, a good worker and a lot of fun. Plus she gets hit on by more girls than any of the guys here.

Tip Holloman

Yacht Clubus Emeritus: Tip is flat out awesome. He first worked here four years ago and is now back with a vengence to make our kitchen kick ass once again. While Tip is quite tough, his brother can still take him so be careful. Porn name: Beefcake 4th Street

Ty Byerly

Yacht Clubus Emeritus: Ty from the double G is all fun and games and probably never serious about anything except for folks putting us out of business. He doubles as one of our door guys and as the lead singer of one of our favorite bands of Iowa City – The Gglitch. He also loves to give mustache rides, go on long walks on the beach and making fun of you.

Jillian Rimmey

Yacht Clubus Emeritus: Jill is a friggin’ blast – be careful though, with those eyes she can mesmerize you like Medusa (sans the snakes). She likes live music and boys from Des Moines. Porn name: Big Kitty Woodruff.

Laura Nunn

Yacht Clubus Emeritus: Every day we thank someone for Laura. She is an awesome addition to this fine live music establishment. Complete with tattoos and an attitude and a great smile, she fits right in here. Porn name: Missy Butternut

A special congratulations is in order to Laura. She won our online survey of which Yacht Club employee has the best porn name. She now has the power of 5 penises in 1 penis!

Jess Waldmann

Yacht Clubus Emeritus: Trying to always be crazier than here crazy sister, Jess keeps us on our toes with here escapades. She is never fearfull to chuck a glass at you if you are out of line or are here too late, but if you happen to catch her in a good mood (which is 97% of the time), then she will make your experience here much more enjoyable.

Carolyn A’hearn

Yacht Clubus Emeritus: Carolyn is a very important piece of your Yacht Club entertainment – mostly because we have never had a gypsy work down here. One minute she will trade you for a coffee pot for the clothes she has out of the trunk of her car, the next she will fix a leaky pipe in your bathroom and then shrink your head. Plus she has her own website, how cool is that. Porn name: Cocoa Winsdor

Zach Lanning

Yacht Clubus Emeritus: Zach is one of our heroes because he loves you one minute and hates you the next. Actually Zach used to resemble one of those mythical creatures that lives beneath the stairs here but his mom made him shave his beard so we think he has lost all his powers. Porn name: Clay Ingleside