Open Daily from 11:30am – 2:00 am


(319) 337-6464

13 S Linn St
Iowa City, IA 52240

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Please send us an email at We love the internet and will check out links to your music. However, we cannot guarantee that we can book your band for more reasons that we could name, but it never hurts to give us your music to check out. Please, no phone calls.

NOTE: We do not book cover bands, no exceptions.



We advertise and have our listings in all local papers, and market and promote the show heavily throughout the city and the internet. If you get a show here, you are expected to create a flyer and email it to us. We will help you put up flyers but you are expected to do so yourself too. If you are not able to create a flyer, for a fee we will create one and hang it throughout the city for you as promotion is key to every shows success. Any press releases need to be forwarded to us or to the proper contacts at the publications. If you need this or any other contact information, let us know.


We also have the ability to record your show and provide you with it at the end of the night for a fee of $50. You need to bring in an Mac compatible USB flash drive with at least 32GB of space if you want all tracks from the entire night. We would recommend that you let us know in advance.


Technical Specifications

PreSonus Studiolive 24.4.2 24 channel digital mixing board. 24 channels of compression w/limiters and gates, programmable effects, and graphic parametric EQ’s via “Fat Channel”.

24 channel live sound recording via Presonus Studio One Pro via iMac with 2TB hard drive and firewire 800 and PreSonus Capture.

dbx Driverack PA – compressor, crossover, eq

dbx iEQ 2×31 band graphic equalizer and limiter with feedback suppression (Front of House, stereo)

4 dbx 31 band graphic equalizers (monitor mixes)

2 Furman PS-PRO line conditioners


Tri-Amped stereo system comprised of two JBL 2×12 & 2″ hf horn trap cabinets (1 per side) 925 watts

Subs: Cerwin Vega Earthquake 18″ folded horn cabinets (1 per side) 925 watts

Monitors: 4 Yamaha SM15IV 15 Inch 2-Way Club Series. (four mixes run from front of house mixing position)

5 Crown CE 2000 Amplifiers 975 Watts/channel each


6 Shure SM57’s microphones

6 Shure SM58’s microphones

3 Shure PG56 snare/tom microphones

2 Shure PG81 Condenser microphones

1 AKG D112 kick drum microphone

4 Behringer GI100 Ultra-G DI boxes


4 swirlygigs that have all been stolen by bands 🙁


3 Chauvet LED Colorstrips